Progress – why?

The recent purchase of Instagram by Facebook amused me, not least the idea that a company valued at 100 times' earnings feels it can spend $1 billion on another company that makes no money at all. Basic economics obviously don't trouble people's consciousness any more now than they did in the South Sea bubble. The... Continue Reading →

Cabin in the woods of your mind

I  dislike horror movies. The world is full enough of  evil people to find the idea of watching sadistic cruelty on screen very unappealing. Perhaps people like the comparative relief that their own everyday hassles aren't quite on the same scale. A nasty boss making you work late is after all not quite as bad... Continue Reading →

Delhi wedding

The thing that makes travel writing so difficult is that one starts to live in the moment so immediately, and absorbs the reality of a very different environment. I then no longer think to make notes of moments that would be utterly bizarre if they happened in England, but so unremarkable here that it seems... Continue Reading →

What the world worries about

In a bored moment, I wondered whether climbing really is all that dangerous - so of course I googled it. As most people know - or certainly most people who've worked with Google AFS - the predictive text that shows up when you type in a search phrase is ranked in order of search frequency,... Continue Reading →

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