Surface Pro 4 – Great after all

I wrote some time ago that my new Surface was irritating and I didn't understand the hype. THis statement now somewhat reminds me of the venture capitalist I worked for in 1999, who was talking about how he wouldn't take any IPO shares in Google because they were way overpriced. ¬†"What's the point of Google,... Continue Reading →

Still looking for the perfect Tablet

I have grown to hate all things Apple. I have had two ipads, and countless ipods - which these days are sort of obsolete anyway. The other day, my Ipad charger failed yet again; or rather, Apple clocked the fact it wasn't an approved charger that they want to charge some ludicrous fortune for, and... Continue Reading →

Why does every group have a gremlin?

Right now, I am doing a correspondence course in Agile Project Management with Scrum. It's the same as most IT training courses, managing¬†to be both obvious and a bit complicated to implement in practice. There are about twelve people attending in person, and three people sitting around in the countryside somewhere, who are required to... Continue Reading →

What the world worries about

In a bored moment, I wondered whether climbing really is all that dangerous - so of course I googled it. As most people know - or certainly most people who've worked with Google AFS - the predictive text that shows up when you type in a search phrase is ranked in order of search frequency,... Continue Reading →

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