Following the crowd of unique people

When I picked up the Spiegel on my way back from Berlin, the title story was about the increasing popularity of "extreme sports". Apparently, mountain biking, climbing, surfing and base jumping all come into this category; although personally I'd put base jumping into the "unusual suicides" category. The article was about the way that people... Continue Reading →

A night at the opera

Last week seemed to have a bit of a non-stop schedule of activities based in the city, which made today's 10km run through the Arundel Estate in West Sussex all the more enjoyable. Still, I also went to the rather more rarefied spectacle of an evening at the Royal Opera House. I had got some... Continue Reading →

Richmond park races and other goals

In an effort to feel like I'm doing something with the acres of time at my disposal, I entered a whole slew of 10km runs at the beginning of the year, and a half marathon in September. Running is in some ways quite an irritating activity, mainly because of the way other people view it.... Continue Reading →

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