Fitness Tech fails

From the frustrating of trying to stitch together too many fitness gadgets, to whether financial services technology is suffering from a brain drain.

Failing up

I have been resting from my writing more than usual. This is mainly because of the usual loss of faith in any of my abilities, whether creative, professional or maternal. I never embarked on the more creative endeavour of journalism that I wanted when I was 24, because it was quite likely even when newspapers... Continue Reading →

Life’s not fair

I read an article in The Times this morning about the payout that Eva Carneiro got from Chelsea FC. She got about £5 million to settle her claim of gender discrimination, unfair dismissal etc. before the tribunal started. The journalist writes “In the case of a suit settled out of court, with a huge sum... Continue Reading →

Is London still a place to live?

Along with everyone who isn't getting a six-figure bonus, but is having a baby, we have recently joined the legions of people who used to live in some quaint flat near an urban park and a main road selling whatever is the local speciality, but now live in a commuter town within an hour's travel... Continue Reading →

Blue boxes

After I wrote about how death is part of life, I came across an article about the decline of creativity in the advertising industry. Its writer was clearly extremely talented, both in his job as art director, and in his writing (although the punctuation was a little slapdash). Turns out most of his blog was... Continue Reading →

The fear of change

As ever, when anything changes in my life, I descend into introspection. For no particular reason, I start to find my gilded existence tragic, and turn into a  navel-gazing drama queen, nervously necking champagne at a wedding and sloping off home in tears because they’re playing Oasis and I have just drunkenly stepped on my own... Continue Reading →

A night at the opera

Last week seemed to have a bit of a non-stop schedule of activities based in the city, which made today's 10km run through the Arundel Estate in West Sussex all the more enjoyable. Still, I also went to the rather more rarefied spectacle of an evening at the Royal Opera House. I had got some... Continue Reading →

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