I want to break free

Life in my house is always fun, which is rather a good thing too, as I spend nearly 24 hours a day in it. Some days, I'm full of motivation for getting all my chores done - drop husband off at the station at 6.50 am, hang around waiting for Sainsbury's to open at 7... Continue Reading →

A lazy rundown of 2011

It's Christmas Day, and I have eaten too much. I should really be reading the book my sister gave me, but I can't quite get past the preface of Frank Dikötter's "Mao's Great Famine". I'm a bit too full (ooh the irony) for such a stunningly well researched and well-written account of the tragedy of ideology.... Continue Reading →

Musical chairs

Awful lot going on at the moment, in both my world and the real world. In the real world, London is burning with the  fury of a generation unwilling to accept that hard work reaps rewards eventually, and in an ingenious scorched earth policy, they both steal goods and then set fire to commercial real... Continue Reading →

Exercise is uncreative

I tend to vacillate between the kind of people or activities that are slightly bohemian (and a little nihilistic), and the completely conventional. Sometimes, I just want to go and get really drunk, or do stuff that's irresponsible but not criminal. On days like those, I imagine getting up from my desk at lunchtime, getting... Continue Reading →

Things not to do as couples

I was having a pretty nice time at the climbing wall the other night, climbing with a friend. Had a good-ish go at some fairly vertical 6as, rattled through all the 5s and the few 5+'s they had, and at least felt a bit more confident about it, even if I was only top-roping. For... Continue Reading →

Between a rock and a play

I have been terribly remiss in writing anything recently - not even my own paper diary (which contains even more endless chatter than this blog). There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that I went on a rock climbing holiday to Spain, in Gandia near Valencia. I have been climbing indoors... Continue Reading →

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