Elusive freedom

I am 40. It is raining. I have no car keys, and I am too pregnant to walk more than half a mile each way. The shops I want to go and hang out in (like some bored teenager) are 1.5 miles away. So I'm listening to Smooth Radio, which right now features Bob Marley,... Continue Reading →

Playgroup funnies

When I was looking after my kids at home (as opposed to paying someone else to look after them at home), I went to any and every event designed for children. Most days, I could find two things to do with them quite locally. The format of these are usually 90 minutes of "play" in... Continue Reading →

Party like it’s 1999

Time hasn't so much stood still as gone backwards, rejoining the endless loop of stupid choices and the inescapable barbarity of human nature. For a little while, things branched off, developed a parallel reality in which differences were accepted, the greater good was a tangible ideal and not every favour was granted on a purely... Continue Reading →

Baby disappointment

So we had an appointment this week, after waiting three months, with the geneticist. I left the appointment thinking her suggested diagnosis was not that bad, in the scheme of things, but the internet has gradually worn me down, and now┬áin my head my baby is about to drop dead of cancer, or of brain-stem... Continue Reading →

Ten little fingers, and ten little toes

About 18 months ago, we decided to have another baby. This baby duly made his entrance into the world last August, a week late. I don't like putting my children's names online too much, which is rather silly, but let's just call him Squidgy, since it's turned into his nickname anyway. I could call him... Continue Reading →

Giving up

It is hard to believe in anything, particularly oneself, at the best of times. The more life progresses, the more it seems a succession of minor disappointments, which are a natural part of growing up and realising that I won't get to go on a bouncy castle every afternoon. Sometimes, it seems as if that... Continue Reading →

Why are only women supposed to compromise?

A former manager contacted me the other day. That happens fairly frequently, and flatteringly enough, the communication is usually an offer to come and work with them in whichever company they've recently joined. This time, I wrote back explaining that as I was on maternity leave, I would not be available until next year. Quite... Continue Reading →

Dumb stuff sleep deprivation does

When I was a teenager, I quite regularly forgot things, or lost things around the place. One time, I left my bag on a bench in Stratford-on-Avon, because my friends suggested going to Mcdonalds's, which was so exciting I jumped up and left without thinking. A tramp shuffled off furtively shortly afterwards. It was so... Continue Reading →

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