Why are the French so pretentious?

I am currently watching - well, while I'm not laughing - a French film called "A l'aventure". I can't even begin to describe how unoriginal it is, which would be fine if every frame didn't resonate with misplaced gravitas, as if the story is somehow so artistically significant that the first scene must feature a... Continue Reading →

Woody Allen – always the same

I've very little to write about these days. The new job that I took with a view to earning enough money to take time off has subsumed all my time, energy, friends and hobbies. So the only thing I've really been doing is what I usually do when big voids open up in my life... Continue Reading →

Life in a Day – cheesy but good

I went to see the Life in a Day movie this week, rather unwillingly - it was more a case of "Hmm, I've already seen Xmen, and the people I'm going with are not the types for the puerile (or should that be puelline) humour of Bridesmaids", than a particular desire to pay to see... Continue Reading →

Black swan misogyny

Maybe I'm taking a silly movie too seriously, but about halfway through Black Swan I thought I must've somehow not only travelled back in time to 1962, but into some sort of parallel universe in which all a fragile woman really needs is a good rogering by some aggressive svengali twice her age. Add the... Continue Reading →

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