Knowledge in England

In common with many arts graduates, I delight in accumulating mostly useless knowledge. Since I'm not the brightest person I know, I tend to assume that this is knowledge also accumulated by everyone else. Interacting with a variety of different people suggests that this is not the case, and so I end up feeling bad... Continue Reading →

Useless days

Some days, I get to the end of the day, and realise that I could have achieved more, or at any rate destroyed less, by not getting out of bed at all. This is one of those days. You know you're off to a bad start when you have to write yourself a list of the... Continue Reading →


I wrote a rather strange story for a writing course back in 2009. Any comments most welcome.   The rosemary was looking a bit peaky. It usually survived the frequent episodes of drought quite well, but recently the spiny leaves had turned quite brown. Delilah took the small white watering can off the round iron... Continue Reading →

What should my novel be about?

My husband has been badgering me to write something more comprehensive, and fictional, than my blog. Of course, being an arts graduate, I would very much like to write a book. In 2010, I enrolled in a creative writing course, to see whether maybe there was some sort of golden rule of writing I could... Continue Reading →

Boring reflections on motherhood

January is never a good time to reflect on life in general. It is therefore also a really bad time to reflect on life changes, like "becoming a mother". I'm not sure why I "become" something else, while my husband gets given a son. I am somehow changed, and he gets added to. Anyway. So... Continue Reading →

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