Tree of life was rather sad

I've not seen any of Terrence Malick's other films, but am told they are very good. I'm a tiny bit wary of auteur cinema, even if there are plenty of examples of so-called highbrow films which impressed me - Dogville, Solaris, The Royal Tenenbaums (although I'm not sure anything with Owen Wilson counts), The Seventh... Continue Reading →

Exercise is uncreative

I tend to vacillate between the kind of people or activities that are slightly bohemian (and a little nihilistic), and the completely conventional. Sometimes, I just want to go and get really drunk, or do stuff that's irresponsible but not criminal. On days like those, I imagine getting up from my desk at lunchtime, getting... Continue Reading →

Always running late for everything

Recently, I have been late for absolutely everything, except of course work. I love that about myself - hopelessly unable to do things I actually want to do, but turn up on that 14th floor like a metronome to work in a job I hate. How stupid. Letting down people I care about, not doing... Continue Reading →

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