Life in a Day – cheesy but good

I went to see the Life in a Day movie this week, rather unwillingly - it was more a case of "Hmm, I've already seen Xmen, and the people I'm going with are not the types for the puerile (or should that be puelline) humour of Bridesmaids", than a particular desire to pay to see... Continue Reading →

Posh dinners and London theatre

This evening,  I went to see Kevin Spacey in Richard III at the Old Vic. The staging was impressive, the analogies with modern day dictators cleverly done if not particularly original, but the acting was uninspired. Spacey had moments of brilliance, but he was not malevolent enough, and since we had gone for the cheap... Continue Reading →

Caravans – why?

This weekend, I went to a wedding in Cambridge. Having failed to look for a room in a hotel until three days beforehand, I not surprisingly found that the only available rooms were either £200 a night (steep for two, astronomic on my own), or were bed & breakfasts that had rather curious Tripadvisor reviews... Continue Reading →

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