Keeping up appearances

I went to pick up some documents from another office this lunchtime, and walked all the way through the main Canary Wharf shopping centre. Canary wharf, for anyone not living in London, is the gleaming peninsula of corporate headquarters that was built in the middle of London's rather deprived and run down docks in the... Continue Reading →

Imagining my life

I have for so long imagined little scenes in my life as they might have turned out, but as they never do for anyone, because everyone is reticent and risk averse - unless of course they're completely wasted and staggering around Covent Garden in London so drunk that they walk into a glass door at full pelt... Continue Reading →

Why not Manolo?

On the tube this morning, a lady got on at Bond Street wearing that ever more familiar red-soled shoe. I thought the shoe looked rather cheap, another of those black patent leather stilettos with a concealed platform and slightly too thin a heel for such a chunky front. Of course, being so evidently made by... Continue Reading →

Apologies on the tube

Every city probably has this divide on public transport. If you board at 8am, it's full of people rustling their papers, cumbersomely trying to sip a Starbucks at the same time, and looking amusingly bright eyed as they contemplate another day of spreadsheets. Get on at 6.45, and the carriage is filled with men in... Continue Reading →

Standing still in the dating game

I've still not got around to removing this blog from my Twitter feed, and consequently have stopped updating it; it seems incredibly vain to even vaguely assume that anyone I know would want to read my bored ramblings, so I started writing them somewhere completely anonymous instead. But I suppose now I'm just more bored... Continue Reading →

Breaking stuff – not so cool

I've spent quite a lot of time recently just slouching about the house, having broken my wrist. In some ways it's quite nice, but there is nothing like temporary disability to make you appreciate what most of us take for granted every day. The most banal flicks of the hand are either impossible or very... Continue Reading →

It’s hot, apparently

The biggest topic in the news this week has been the heat in London. This morning the TV was full of warnings to stay inside if possible because it was going to be "over 30". I met an Australian acquaintance outside HSBC for a 12 noon run through Canary Wharf in the blazing sunshine, and... Continue Reading →

City people

On my way to work this morning I looked around me on the escalator, at all the people swarming out of the tube and into the building. Some of them look geeky, the women often look overdressed and overexercised - that unnecessary combination of cinched belts and short tight skirts with very high heels and... Continue Reading →

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