Exercise is uncreative

I tend to vacillate between the kind of people or activities that are slightly bohemian (and a little nihilistic), and the completely conventional. Sometimes, I just want to go and get really drunk, or do stuff that's irresponsible but not criminal. On days like those, I imagine getting up from my desk at lunchtime, getting... Continue Reading →

Richmond park races and other goals

In an effort to feel like I'm doing something with the acres of time at my disposal, I entered a whole slew of 10km runs at the beginning of the year, and a half marathon in September. Running is in some ways quite an irritating activity, mainly because of the way other people view it.... Continue Reading →

It’s hot, apparently

The biggest topic in the news this week has been the heat in London. This morning the TV was full of warnings to stay inside if possible because it was going to be "over 30". I met an Australian acquaintance outside HSBC for a 12 noon run through Canary Wharf in the blazing sunshine, and... Continue Reading →

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