Elusive freedom

I am 40. It is raining. I have no car keys (long story), and I am too pregnant to walk more than half a mile each way. The shops I want to go and hang out in, like some bored teenager, are 1.5 miles away. So I'm listening to Smooth Radio, which right now features... Continue Reading →

What is sport for?

I went to see the Paralympics today. The atmosphere was fantastic, and we had the good fortune of perfect weather - a beautiful sunset visible over the stadium, and the usual people-watching in the crowd, Mexican waves, random cheering and incredibly overpriced beer. It was still a bit depressing though. I was watching people who... Continue Reading →

Exercise is uncreative

I tend to vacillate between the kind of people or activities that are slightly bohemian (and a little nihilistic), and the completely conventional. Sometimes, I just want to go and get really drunk, or do stuff that's irresponsible but not criminal. On days like those, I imagine getting up from my desk at lunchtime, getting... Continue Reading →

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