Improving oneself in 2013

Being a twin, I regularly get newsletters on media events that are recruiting twins. These are usually slightly prurient explorations of the difference life choices can make to the same genetic potential; comparing fat and thin twins' lifestyles is unsurprisingly very popular. The most recent programme to be made - which will be aired later... Continue Reading →

Weekends in Berlin

Berlin I can never quite decide whether I like Berlin. My father and sister live there, so I visit quite often , and I have got to know it quite well over the last 10 years. It has changed quite a lot in that time, becoming increasingly like every other German city, but with much ruder... Continue Reading →

The card problem

I have a love hate relationship with greetings cards of all varieties. There's nothing better than getting an unexpected birthday card in the post, but there's also nothing more irritating than having a random Christmas card from a colleague you barely know dumped on your desk on the 15th December every year. Even for those... Continue Reading →

On the mild disappointment of getting older

In November, I read an article in the Times written by Walter James, who turned 100 last year. It was entitled, "I remember love, just not how it feels". It was a beautifully written and poignant article, about both the practical hazards of a frail body, and the decline of sensibility that old age brings with... Continue Reading →

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