Everybody Hurts

27th January 2010

Apparently REM’s Everybody Hurts is viewed as a life-affirming song that has helped suicidal people see some light in their situation – mainly by reminding them that they’re just feeling sorry for themselves, and that others are in much worse situations.

I must be either one of life’s big misanthropists, or more depressed than everyone else, because when I’m in one of those moods and it comes on my ipod, I’m simultaneously reminded that I am very sad, and that the reason for my sadness is comparatively mundane and therefore ultimately selfish.

This only makes me much sadder, as I reflect on what a bad person I must be to be so absorbed in my own problems, and on how much suffering there is in other people’s lives. It’s a completely nihilistic train of thought which I don’t find remotely comforting.

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