Up – the most depressing film ever made

Last Saturday, my brother in law opened up his extensive DVD library, and asked us what we wanted to watch. It had been a slightly wistful day playing around in cold rock pools in Devon, which always makes me miss the heat and the colours of Australia. I wanted mindless entertainment that bore no relation... Continue Reading →

Annoying things

This will be my last post on this blog. Due to a mixup with my Google settings, my real name is now linked to the blog, and the blog appears as the top search result. Given that my real name appears to be unique, this means that everyone I sit in a boring meeting with... Continue Reading →

Envy politics

London tube strikes are always amusing. The streets swarm with a variety of tourists holding the hilarious belief they will be able to hail a taxi, commuters who have decided they're on safari and wander round with big backpacks and integrated hydration systems, and of course the hobby cyclists who try to get themselves killed... Continue Reading →

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