Monday morning after a holiday is never the best, and even worse in damp London fog. I walked into my first meeting of the day in Canary Wharf at 8 am, and the usual chit-chat ensued. Morning Freya. Lovely weather we're having. So, how was your holiday? Show us your left hand then!" It's a... Continue Reading →

Bush and political criticism

I don't suppose I'm that close to American politics - not living there and all. An American boyfriend of mine got really irritated with me for expressing my views on the absolute greatness of Clinton, even in 2001. "You don't know anything about it", he said, but was pretty vague about what exactly I didn't... Continue Reading →

How to be good

I'm quite disconcertingly comfortable with my own company. When I'm not at work (which is most of the time), I have all the head space I need - I can read the papers, construct bizarre diet plans I won't stick to, shout at the morons on breakfast TV, indulge in antisocial personal habits like picking... Continue Reading →

Why am I doing this?

I've been reading through yet another random set of "tips" about leaving comments, and I'm increasingly unsure why anyone would take it that seriously - one person commented: "Ok, so we’re all scared to comment I will admit I have been guilty to leaving random comments and now can really work on leaving pertinent information... Continue Reading →

Fox’s presidential approval ratings

I just browsed about a bit, looking for the US reaction to Cameron's first visit to the White House. Apart from the amusing way they always refer to him as "Prime Minister Cameron", the focus of their main media outlets seemed as click-chasingly focussed on domestic news stories, as they are almost all over the... Continue Reading →

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