Aged 6 and a half

Monday 22nd July 1985
Today I went to school. I am in South Australia now. I have many friends. One of my friends is called Philippa. Our school has three lunches. One is morning recess. One is lunch. One is afternoon recess. Our teacher is called Miss Dempster. The school is called Tanunda Lutheran School.
Monday 29th July
Last Friday we went to the rest home. Tomorrow half the class will go to the rest home.
Sunday 4th July
Today we saw a behive [sic]. The queen bee can sting many times. If the queen bee dies the other bees have to get the queen bee’s eggs and put them in her cell. Then they have to put Royal Jelly over the eggs and see what happens. Each hive has a queen bee. If one hive has two queens they start fighting and that means they kill each other. The normal bees only live for six months. The queen bee lives three times longer. A queen bee always getsw a new and bigger house. The other bees only get one new cell for all the time. Mr Rosenzweig gave us 20 c and a whole bucket of honey. He has 16 hives I thik. There are over 10 frames in one hive. To get the honey out of the frames he has to put the frames through a machine called a spinner. The spinner gets all the honey out of the frames and puts it on the wall of the spinner.

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