The anachronistic idiocy of weddings

I recently got engaged, and am very much looking forward to marrying the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thetrouble is that the wedding part seems to be fraught with a weight of other people's expectations; I have always thought that while the marriage is for the couple, the wedding... Continue Reading →

Til kids do us part

There has been a lot of conversation in the press recently about sperm donors. First, there was the story about the designer sperm clinic that allows women to select from a list of donor's personal characteristics. I have to say I found the idea of this quite entertaining.  There was another article (also in The... Continue Reading →

My new job: wedding chaperone

I do love weddings, and this year seems to have had a particularly plentiful supply. This weekend's specimen was a little unusual, since I had never met the bride or the groom. A recently single friend asked me to accompany her in her ex boyfriend's place. She spent the entire time saying "This is Freya,... Continue Reading →

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