Something to prove

This week has been quite a professionally trying one. In fact, I've been having quite an extended period of professional tedium for the last few months. The restlessness has got so unmanageable that I've in fact made quite a hash of a number of obligations over the last few days, in favour of a bit... Continue Reading →

Things not to do as couples

I was having a pretty nice time at the climbing wall the other night, climbing with a friend. Had a good-ish go at some fairly vertical 6as, rattled through all the 5s and the few 5+'s they had, and at least felt a bit more confident about it, even if I was only top-roping. For... Continue Reading →

What makes everyone else happy?

This whole Royal Wedding/ May Day bank holiday weekend has been quite strange. I enjoyed watching the wedding on Friday much more than I thought I would, and somewhat embarrassingly found it quite touching, particularly the Queen's somewhat melancholy facial expressions.  On Saturday I bought a car. Spending quite so much money on a "thing"... Continue Reading →

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