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I’ve been on a little downer recently, as a result of which I indulged in watching Twilight on DVD. There is nothing quite as escapist as the idea of superhuman strength, speed and immortality – like feeling seventeen again.
When it finished, I somewhat jealously googled Stephenie Meyer , the author of the books. Her homepage details how she created a novel that netted her squillions: it came to her in a dream, and she wrote it down. Part of me wants to disdain her on the basis that it’s not “serious” fiction, but I don’t think anyone who can tell a story that appeals to millions of people can be described as untalented. It’s the same silliness as claiming that Harry Potter is somehow “poorly” written – all I can say is that it’s considerably better written than all the unfinished novels its critics will never get published.
I am under no such illusions about my own talents. Last night, I dreamt about the Hertz website. Specifically, how annoying it is that it never remembers profile changes. I also made up some fun functionality it doesn’t have, like moving from the list of available cars to the destination you had in mind, while driving each of the cars you were choosing between. The website then takes you back, and posts a picture of you driving each car, so that you can remember the features you liked.
No one’s going to make a bestselling novel out of that though.

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