Mayfair window boxes

I feel the need for some posting about random everyday trivia. Today's topic is one that has intrigued me for some time. My walk to work involves a short trip from Green Park, and I pass exclusive hotels, estate agents advertising second homes in France for 3 million euros, and a number of apparently residential... Continue Reading →

A year of everything

2012 was the year that everything happened at once, both in London and in my life. It's not really a topic that I imagine anyone would be terribly interested in;  the narrative of London's marvellous summer of sport and all things royal has been covered to death on every slow news day from here to... Continue Reading →

Simple pleasures

In an effort to prepare for the hideous chaos that will be the London Olympics in 2 weeks' time, I ran home from work yesterday. For some reason, I constantly think that Liverpool Street to West Hampstead will take me an hour to run, which it never does. So after an hour I got a... Continue Reading →

Exercise is uncreative

I tend to vacillate between the kind of people or activities that are slightly bohemian (and a little nihilistic), and the completely conventional. Sometimes, I just want to go and get really drunk, or do stuff that's irresponsible but not criminal. On days like those, I imagine getting up from my desk at lunchtime, getting... Continue Reading →

Imagining my life

I have for so long imagined little scenes in my life as they might have turned out, but as they never do for anyone, because everyone is reticent and risk averse - unless of course they're completely wasted and staggering around Covent Garden in London so drunk that they walk into a glass door at full pelt... Continue Reading →

Apologies on the tube

Every city probably has this divide on public transport. If you board at 8am, it's full of people rustling their papers, cumbersomely trying to sip a Starbucks at the same time, and looking amusingly bright eyed as they contemplate another day of spreadsheets. Get on at 6.45, and the carriage is filled with men in... Continue Reading →

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