There is never enough time

So many things occupy my thoughts every day. So many trivial thoughts of moving money between accounts, getting the shopping done, paying the gardener, servicing the car, have I paid the deposit on whatever activity I've got coming up, I forgot to move that Hong Kong call to accommodate the trip to Paris, I hope... Continue Reading →

Blue boxes

After I wrote about how death is part of life, I came across an article about the decline of creativity in the advertising industry. Its writer was clearly extremely talented, both in his job as art director, and in his writing (although the punctuation was a little slapdash). Turns out most of his blog was... Continue Reading →

Everybody Hurts

27th January 2010 Apparently REM's Everybody Hurts is viewed as a life-affirming song that has helped suicidal people see some light in their situation - mainly by reminding them that they're just feeling sorry for themselves, and that others are in much worse situations. I must be either one of life's big misanthropists, or more... Continue Reading →

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