New Year’s gratitude

6th Jan 2010 Yesterday I put together a large raft of resolutions, and then set to thinking about what they meant. Since the ones that really matter (i.e. not the “eat less chocolate” one) are ones relating to some aspect of my behaviour or thought patterns, I suppose that is one step towards fulfilling them.... Continue Reading →

First pages of my diary aged 7

"Monday 22nd July 1985 Today I went to school. I am in South Australia now. I have many friends. One of my friends is called Philippa. Our school has three lunches. One is morning recess. One is lunch. One is afternoon recess. Our teacher is called Miss Dempster. The school is called Tanunda Lutheran School.... Continue Reading →

City people

On my way to work this morning I looked around me on the escalator, at all the people swarming out of the tube and into the building. Some of them look geeky, the women often look overdressed and overexercised - that unnecessary combination of cinched belts and short tight skirts with very high heels and... Continue Reading →

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