Two years, one more baby, many trips

A colleague pointed out to me the other day that it would appear I no longer travel anywhere at all. This isn't quite true; I just don't update this blog any more, preferring to write my rather dull, and still only occasional "this is my life" missives over here. So, in the intervening two years, since... Continue Reading →

Yes, being old sucks

I read the news today, as indeed I do every day (usually without immediately thinking of Beatles lyrics). A very silly article caught my eye: a "study" by Anglia Ruskin university, about pop lyrics and ageing. It seems that old peoples' health is negatively affected by the fact that pop lyrics are overwhelmingly negative about... Continue Reading →

Ten little fingers, and ten little toes

About 18 months ago, we decided to have another baby. This baby duly made his entrance into the world last August, a week late. I don't like putting my children's names online too much, which is rather silly, but let's just call him Squidgy, since it's turned into his nickname anyway. I could call him... Continue Reading →

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