Giving up

It is hard to believe in anything, particularly oneself, at the best of times. The more life progresses, the more it seems a succession of minor disappointments, which are a natural part of growing up and realising that I won't get to go on a bouncy castle every afternoon. Sometimes, it seems as if that... Continue Reading →

Why are only women supposed to compromise?

A former manager contacted me the other day. That happens fairly frequently, and flatteringly enough, the communication is usually an offer to come and work with them in whichever company they've recently joined. This time, I wrote back explaining that as I was on maternity leave, I would not be available until next year. Quite... Continue Reading →

Family travel roundup

I'm not sure travelling with small babies really counts as travelling. You don't lose yourself, breaking links with the everyday to go on a little daydream of difference; you're rather reminded how much babies like having their own familiar things around them, and how difficult they are when they don't. For Easter, we drove to... Continue Reading →

Dumb stuff sleep deprivation does

When I was a teenager, I quite regularly forgot things, or lost things around the place. One time, I left my bag on a bench in Stratford-on-Avon, because my friends suggested going to Mcdonalds's, which was so exciting I jumped up and left without thinking. A tramp shuffled off furtively shortly afterwards. It was so... Continue Reading →

A belated view of 2013’s films

Given it is the eve of the Oscars 2014, I'll have a look back at the film releases of 2013 (even if I watched almost none of the contenders), and a few small smatterings of what life was like at the time. January 2013: Jack Reacher. I watched this in the Lake District, on a... Continue Reading →

Useless days

Some days, I get to the end of the day, and realise that I could have achieved more, or at any rate destroyed less, by not getting out of bed at all. This is one of those days. You know you're off to a bad start when you have to write yourself a list of the... Continue Reading →

Boring reflections on motherhood

January is never a good time to reflect on life in general. It is therefore also a really bad time to reflect on life changes, like "becoming a mother". I'm not sure why I "become" something else, while my husband gets given a son. I am somehow changed, and he gets added to. Anyway. So... Continue Reading →

Lost in nine months

I have started a number of posts recently on a variety of topics, all of them very much in the news, and important. Like how pointless the UN seems to be if it keeps pretending Syria isn't poisoning its own citizens, how maybe Edward Snowden's defection to Russia isn't quite as ironic as all that... Continue Reading →

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