Surface Pro 4 – Great after all

I wrote some time ago that my new Surface was irritating and I didn’t understand the hype. THis statement now somewhat reminds me of the venture capitalist I worked for in 1999, who was talking about how he wouldn’t take any IPO shares in Google because they were way overpriced.

 “What’s the point of Google, it’ll never catch on. Why would anyone move from Altavista…”

So I feel the need to update my nonexistent readers on my mistaken appraisal of the Microsoft Surface. It is in fact a life-changing piece of hardware, which is in every way superior to what I now regard as the tedium of the Ipad. On the Surface, I can do my work, draw some diagrams with the stylus, and have it automatically convert to diagrams I could theoretically show my clients. I can do expenses, read the paper, read a book. I can use the keyboard, or pull it off. The only annoying thing  is that publishers seem reluctant to write apps for Microsoft (yes, The Times, you – sort it out).

My husband was so impressed he bought himself one, gave his work laptop back, and now does everything on it. Unfortunately, he got half the RAM I did, inspite of using it twice as much. It probably does need the 4GB, not the 2GB.

So anyway, if you want a tablet/laptop hybrid that does everything, and looks nice, get the Surface.

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