Center parcs Woburn 

The rugby 7s tournament was on in London on 20th May, which meant an exodus of the entire male part of my husband's family. So the women and children decided we would take ourselves off to Center Parcs in Woburn. I was quite curious, as I've never been to a holiday park. My parents never... Continue Reading →

Why are only women supposed to compromise?

A former manager contacted me the other day. That happens fairly frequently, and flatteringly enough, the communication is usually an offer to come and work with them in whichever company they've recently joined. This time, I wrote back explaining that as I was on maternity leave, I would not be available until next year. Quite... Continue Reading →

Improving oneself in 2013

Being a twin, I regularly get newsletters on media events that are recruiting twins. These are usually slightly prurient explorations of the difference life choices can make to the same genetic potential; comparing fat and thin twins' lifestyles is unsurprisingly very popular. The most recent programme to be made - which will be aired later... Continue Reading →

Smoking is cool, really

I was reading a comment article in The Times this morning entitled "If you're not Kate Moss, smoking isn't cool".  I don't think she looks cool smoking at all,  or certainly not in the Louis Vuitton catwalk image. It was following the well-trodden path of generating controversy for greater press coverage, and the whole effect... Continue Reading →

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