5th January 1991

Gosh, this year has gone before I write again. Christmas was so beautiful. We got another pair of rollerskates. Oh, I haven’t written about our 13th birthday! Well anyway, it was good and we got a necklace and some rollerskates. Our party was a wreck. We invited Carys, Bianca, Skip, Savannah. It was a sleepover and it was awful!! Anyway, never mind. The gulf crisis is rather threatening at the moment. Iraq has invaded Kuwait, which controls one third of the world’s oil mines!! Anyway, if Iraq hasn’t withdrawn from Kuwait by January 15th, war will be declared by the U.N. Well, well. Nice prospects! Anyway, back to Christmas. We got a number of little oddments, and some more rollerskates! So , we went to the midnight service at St. Paul’s cathedral and it was lovely! I wish I would be a better Christian! Oh well, I will try my best! Christmas is so wonderful!!! So, goodnight. I will carry on tomorrow. We got lots of presents. I don’t want to list them right now but we got a few clothes, knick-knacks, toiletry bag, wooden shark, rollerskates….Bla, bla, bla…Anyway, right at the moment there is nothing in particular happening. I’m sure I wanted to write about something else. Oh well. So far these holidays have been the most boring thing out but tomorrow we are going camping for two days and on Saturday we are going to Queenscliff for the week. Today we did just about absolutely zilch. Never mind. At the moment Daddy is being pretty much an idiot, as usual, and, as usual, spending too much money. But never mind, by the way, I haven’t told you the most important thing yet, that is, we are definitely going to Germany forever in about 6 months. Goodie, goodie (or not). Mummy and Daddy still haven’t bought our Year 8 textbooks. Oh, well, that is their business. You see, Daddy has got a job in Heidelberg (probably almost definitely). He just has to get a piece of paper that he will sign. Then I can definitely say we are going. I wonder which teachers we will get next year. Who cares, if they’re not too bad. Actually I forgot to tell you my report. It was absolutely scatted with “good, excellent, very good, good work, high standard”…unfortunatley it was not graded, just remarks. We only get grades in year 9. What a pity, because I like grades better. My writing is atrocious!! Well goodnight, Diary, till n ext time, and I will try not to forget you too much. Daddy is smoking his h ead off.

P.S. Sorry I forgot to talk about the weather. Anyway, for two days, it was 40 C, the hottest January for three decades, and the next two days, it was raining and the coldest January temperature since 1925!! Well that’s life!

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