Running away

I seem to have spent most of the last year taking every possible opportunity to be away from London. It seemed like the only way to enjoy living here, in small doses, with regular breaks from the long, long tube journeys, the crowds and the terrible air quality.

In fact it just made me mildly unhappy at the idea that I cannot simply travel on a permanent basis. I don’t really enjoy having an established house, and when I saw “Up in the Air”, about a peripatetic salesman who is on the road virtually every day of the year, I thought it sounded very appealing.

When I’m travelling I usually write copious, copious amounts – everything I see suddenly seems special and significant, in the way that the red telephone boxes are so amusingly special to tourists in England. Reading back over my notes, I usually find that I have failed to capture anything particularly exciting about the scenes I see. Still,  maybe at some point in the future I will find this writing exciting, when I am old and crippled and unable to get up from my rocking chair.

Most of the writing on here does not include many practical travel tips,  but should you be planning a trip to any of my destinations, feel free to email me for more specific advice.

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