Bye bye 2016

I have 22 minutes left to write a 2016 post. I am quite drunk and my father in law wants to do another quiz. So….errr….well it was geopolitically a complete fucking disaster, as everyone ever tells you. Personally though, it was fine really. Horrific variety of medical experts (to whom  increasingly I think the epithet “so-called” does apply) suggested our son had some wide variety of problems which have not materialised. Maybe they still will, but for now he is a lovely enthusiastic toddler. Anyway, as a result I got a job because I couldn’t bear to look at his little baby face and muse about whether that was the happiest he would ever be in life. Who knows, maybe 2016 was the last time any of us will have our basic needs met, and maybe if we have to fight for something we’ll be happier after all. At any rate, I have no complaints right now. I love my family, had a great Christmas watching excited children open presents, I have no hobbies, am unfit, work all the time, am a bit of a crap excuse for a mother, but whatever really.

My new year’s resolutions are to get fitter, be grateful, accommodate myself, eat more vegetables. My predictions, or more accurately my fervent hopes, are that my sister will get married, Trump will get assassinated, there will be a major terror attack in London, the world will keep on turning really.

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